Monday, October 31, 2011

Water For Elephants

I finished reading Water For Elephants, and I loved reading every bit of it. It left me with a hollow nostalgia since I have never been to the circus. But I got the nostalgic feeling anyway because the book was just that good. I found myself daydreaming about the circus and Elephants and sparkly dresses out of nowhere. The writing style is fairly easy to adapt to. (I sometimes find it challenging to adapt to new writing which leads me to re-read the first few pages a few times.)

I felt like I've lived the circus, and I could smell the popcorn, the mixing stench of animals and rotting meat, the train's tangy metal, and the sweet smell of food from the cookhouse. The book was brilliant. And I loved the ending.

"Its like Charlie told the cop. For this old man this is home."

If you've been contemplating on buying this book, I'd say buy it and emerge into a world of redlighting, foreign elephants, and schitzophrenic fun. 

This one's one of da books.

(inside joke.)



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