Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As you can obviously see, I have recently refurbished my blog! 

But I can't say the same for this post. Its a little over 2 months late and I'm trying to catch up as per usual! Nope, this is not recent.

Nevertheless, I shall make amends with you guys, and offer a peace offering of a hefty amount of spammage. Yes, you read right. Spammage.

Continue reading if you're still interested in my dull, yet colorful life on pixel and short captions.

Clockwise: Simon, Paolo, Rheena, Moi (Yes my hair really was THAT orange/red)

Mate with the crowd

I really stand out eh?

Cuz they wuz wurren whiitez

Got this free tumbler-with-a-straw from the new shakey's near our church (huzzah)!

Oh. My face.

Got an iPhone!! :)
Bought a few stuff...

Don't you just love these Moccasins? <3

Cuz my hair looked particularly pretty.

I went to a Seussical Show! I Dr. Seuss musical for a good cause. The show was amaze!! They were soo good and the costumes were gorgeous and colorful. 

Unfortunately, taking pictures weren't allowed so just try and enjoy these shots of the cast after the show.

I had a huge crush on the guy 2nd to the left. So I pushed my friend to go take a picture with them.

People of Hooville!

He was really cute... AND HE SINGS!

Her costume was amaze.

This kid's got the goods.

Cat in the hat!

Horton!!!! he was so adorbz

I made chocolate chip pancakes.

... got a little shutter happy with my iPhone

She's gonna KEEL me for this. Lol Guess who this sexy lady is?

Korean Food.

That pretty much covers August.

You see? Dull. Yet... Colorful. Hah!.... well I don't care if you don't like them, this aint yo blog!

heh i love you kay.


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