Monday, November 7, 2011

Bon Chon

Everyone's been raving about this new chicken joint called Bon Chon, and now I know why.

After visiting my grandparents in Pasig, we trudged off to Galleria to try the infamous Bon Chon.
 HOLY MOTHER OF CHICKEN AND ALL THAT IS GOOD. It is like the chicken from heaven. Look out Kernel, the koreans are taking over not just the Philippines, but the fast food chicken industry too. 

First of all, the chicken and all its glorious Soy Garlic sauce is probably made of dreams and sparkles and garlic. Oh, and rainbows too. That sauce is perfection. I don't know how they did it, but... Its not too salty, not too sweet. Its perfect I tell you. 

And pair that wonderful sauce up with an immaculately crunchy exterior and you've hit the gold mine. Its unbelievable how crunchy this chicken is. You can legitimately hear people biting into the chicken. Not like that fake commercial of the Chowking Chicken. No. This is the real deal. And then after you get passed the crunch, flavors just explode in your mouth with a side of juicy, mind blowing chicken.

You drooling yet?

I think i'd sing to this chicken. 

"You are the first thing on my mind, the last thing I think at night, I love me some U. You make me feel like my first time, I'm so thankful that you're mine. I love me some U."

I literally think of biting into it at night, in bed. No Joke.

And their other dishes are good too. Can you believe they had Kimchi Coleslaw!? Me neither. But they do. And its amazeballs. This fish taco is pretty good too. 

We also ordered Chapchae. Its a really good Korean noodle dish with veggies. I've tried the real deal Chapchae in a legit Korean restaurant and this fast food version did not fail. You'd think they'd serve you some crappy version. Nope. I was really surprised. 

On another note, the prices are really good.

You guys, I think this might be it... Ok. I'm going to say this. I never thought I'd say it. but..

This is the best chicken ever.

There. I've said it.

I just hope that in the future, when they're super big, they won't loose the flavors in the process. KFC used to be really great, but mass production and their big name destroyed the flavors and it wasn't the same as before. Seriously Bon Chon, please, do not go down that slope.

My only bad review is that one order won't do the deed. You'd want more and you'd regret not buying another plate cause you'd be thinking of this chicken before you sleep. 

Bon to the chon my people. Bon to the Chon. I've got Bon Chon Blues. Bon Bon Bon. Chon.

I also met with Iya that day!! Just for a few mins but I missed her so much, ITS SUPER NICE TO SEE HER <3<3 (p.s. sorry for the sucky photo, this was the only photo I took of her and it was an accidental shot too. Haha.)

I really like this jacket :| Boys have cool jackets. :|


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