Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 18

(from left to right: My iPhone, My dad's HTC and his iPhone)

1.4 really makes everything look pretty, doesn't it? *__*

My dad thought Banana Leaf was super amaze that he took his staff to eat there! I tagged along. Haha.

This is the best Milk Tea i've tasted. The tea was so strong, and a bit bitter, almost like coffee. Which is why I loved it! (oh ayan na may gusto na akong tea!! happy girls? haha! my friends have been forcing me to drink tea for a long time now.)

I forgot to mention that you actually have to eat on a Banana Leaf  literally. Ain't that super? :>

This Chicken Curry is Amazeballs.

Fish sticks with special sauce. YUM-O!

Sizzling Malaysian Chicken Curry

My case is just so photogenic.

We got a bit lost, good thing I was registered to Globe PowerSurf. And we used Maps for the first time!!

It was super cool, that blue dot represents the phone, and it actually follows you! Its amazing what technology can do nowadays. Its just expensive is all. Haha!

Bought these beauts while I was at Greenhills:

I might get rid of that bow. I'm not a bow person. :|

That afternoon, I walked on my way home from SM and I saw my crush's friends. He wasn't there though. I was so bummed! :(

Oh well!

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