Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elle & Ina

(grabbed from Lois)

For the passed year I have been admiring this girl I saw on Flickr named Elle, (SERIOUSLY GO CHECK HER FLICKR NOW. IM NOT EVEN KIDDING.) and she does the BEST paper cuts like anything. I know no one else who can do what she can do. Whilst reading her blog, I was superbly curious about Ina, her sister, since she was so enthusiastically proud of her! (lol cause i'm not like that with my sisters.) Anyway, I saw a link on her blog, and I checked Ina's blog out and OH MY GOSH SHE IS SO AMAZINGLY CRAFTY LIKE I DONT WANNA TOUCH CRAFT AFTER I'VE GONE THROUGH BOTH THEIR BLOGS. SRSLY. These girls are just amazeballs and I am so honoured to have met them!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom June 2011! Part 2


Enchanted Kingdom June 2011! Part 1

Here it is then, the soul purpose of why Lisa & Lois came all the way from Bacolod: Enchanted Kingdom

This will be a 2 part post since there are sooo many photos!

Tong Yang and meeting up with Lisa & Lois

My Dad decided to take his staff out for lunch and my sister and I tagged along. We ate at Tong Yang in SM Megamall. After lunch, I met up with my girls Lois & Lisa and we galavanted around forever 21 to make us feel BAD SINCE WE HAD NO MONEY FOR SHOPPING :|.