Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Enrolling + Fun

Just this Monday, we went to my school to go enroll. This was the only photo I could take at the moment because I'm still trying to get the feel of the environment. Frankly I was shy! But it felt so right to be there. 

Good news: My classes are only 3 times a week. So I won't be as busy!

LADIES AND GENTS, I AM NOW A LEGIT MINT STUDENT! WOOOOOHOOOO. *le happy dance* Can't wait to go to school!!

My family and I went to Bonifacio High Street after for some lunch.

We ate at Oliver's Super Sandwiches. In my opinion their sandwiches aren't only Super, they are THE BOMB.

I got the Grilled Almond Cajun Chicken-- And it was Amazeballs.

I like how they just serve their drinks in big white plastic cups. 

My Mum and I went to fully booked and HOLY MOOSE THAT PLACE IS HUGE.

It was like Book heaven. Book Mall. Book world. Book universe. The place was crawling with books, and the place smelled like that new-book-smell that I loved so much. I tried to go around everywhere, and I felt so overwhelmed, and absurdly happy. 

They even had White Hat and Starbucks inside!! (ok fine i'm so late, but my family and I don't really hang out in this part of town. Lol)

It was a nice day out, and its just great to feel like I'm finally going to school. I'm so happy!

Alright, alright. I know I haven't been doing this as much as I want to and I'm sorry. I have no excuse!!

But i'm picking up on it again and I will try to continue doing it on a going out basis. Haha.

At Fully booked. Can't take pictures in there so I had to look for a remote area in the store. Lol

At the room perfume thinggy store. Lol

Crazy thing: I was re-reading my blog from the very first post, and I saw this one post that had a photo of an elephant's butt. What's worse is that it's discarding a massive amount of poo.

I DID NOT POST THAT FREAKING PHOTO. Imageshack must've messed up my links because I never, nor will I ever take a photo of an elephant pooping. And right infront of me no less!
(well I did take a photo of an ostrich pooping once, but that was in a zoo and I was a child, and I thought it was funny.)

The photo was supposed to be a number 7, for 7 days till christmas.

 I even said "I hope it's not too late to say.. *photo of a pooping elephant* DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!"

Not cool.

I fixed it, but managed to take a screen cap before I did. Lol

(Random iPhone Pics)

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