Friday, October 14, 2011


I haven't told you guys this, but I'm finally going to school!!!

I'm going to Mint, short for Meridian International. It's a Business, Arts, & Technology College.
They were on the news one day and my Mum looked them up, turns out they had an online test and I took it. The next day, they e-mailed me saying I passed the test. Its insane! I'm sooo happy!!

I looked through their site probably a thousand times, soaking it all in. It wasn't until I went to the school itself that I finally believed it. It was then that I applied for a scholarship. I would've given them my credentials if I had them, but since I was home schooled it was a little complicated. So I gave them my art. 

I showed them my magazine articles, and my cover pages. They were very impressed with my work, and they said that it was my edge. My selling point. And that they'd fight for me infront of the board. I felt so warm and fuzzy inside. And a few weeks ago, I got the call and they said they granted my scholarship application. I'm so stoked! (yii naks scholar)

The facilities were amazing, its so brilliant, and bright, and modern. And I love the fact that the classrooms are all well lit by huge clear windows. I'm in awe, and inspired. And just can't wait to go.

I'm taking New Media Arts, if you're wondering. Its basically a mix of Photography, 3D Animation, Digital Art, Digital Entertainment, Web design etc. 

And to top this all off: Each student gets a standard issue iPad 2.

Droooling yet? heh.

I'm just so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity. I basically skimmed through that test all panicked and scared and yet I passed. I believe this is His will for me and I'm willingly choosing this path. And when I got the call for the scholarship, right before the call I was so down and crying and just really sad (don't ask), and just praying I'd get that scholarship soon, I got the call and my tears of sadness turned into tears of joy. I was so ecstatic and God just gives the best "its okay" hugs ever. Its just such an answered prayer, and in a matter of minutes!

Now all I have to do is enroll and school starts November. I'm so excited!!!

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