Thursday, October 13, 2011

September... the first half

Updated ring photo. Because that phase I had since last year morphed into a lifestyle.
What can I say? I love rings.

Old pic 2010:

The Lost Hero is in fact, the whipped cream and chocolate syrup of the Percy Jackson series. It just gets better, and better.  (still obsessed with my iPhone and its editing prospects)

I baked a bunch of Blue Velvet cakes (or, as I bravely call them Blue in the Loo, and it is what it is.)

My favourite cafe to hang out (as you all might probably know) is at Cafe France (previously known as Deli France, and particularly the Mall of Asia branch) Because 1. the huge glass window-walls let in so much natural light that gives me a really nice vibe for reading, 2. the food is splendid, the coffee is great. 3. they play legit french music. 4. The seats are comfy. 5. Wi-fi zone (As is any other SM mall, but this place is special.) 

I could sit there for hours.

Saw these framed posters in a Singaporean coffee shop, almost like Kopi Roti. I found them dangerously hilarious and inappropriately appropriate. 

Troy and Cole. They are growing up so fast. Too fast.

Whoooo's a messy baker? I am!

The loooooong line at Happy Lemon. Still don't get it.

My sister's birthday was a few days away an my Dad treated us to dinner at Legend. The peking duck at that place is just SUPERB. Its one of those "stop what you're doing and just thank God for this moment and the food that you're devouring" types of food. Seriously.

That's it for the first half. 

Am I getting too boring for you guys? :(

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