Thursday, October 20, 2011

God’s Perspective

This was a script-outline of mine for my School Of Leaders 5 Min Sermon. I arranged this one to look like a blog post because my outline was really messy. Lol. But this is basically what I said, and I just wanted to share it with you guys, and cuz my friend wanted me to post it. Haha!

The editor of the Newsletter of our church is a good friend of mine, and I let her read it just for fun. She liked it so much, she included this in the Church's Newsletter. I'm so happy! :) Without further ado; God's Perspective.

As a photographer, I study perspective. So I can see a different, more interesting view of a simple subject. With one subject, there can be thousands of perspectives. Whether it’s macro, (zoomed in) landscape, (zoomed out) or Portrait. Every single style brings out a different perspective. Then there’s also the Photoshop perspective, where you take a shot with a certain editing type in mind, even though the shot looks totally different from what you had in mind,  it’ll definitely change when you edit it.  

Now, I believe that Born again Christians should be able to accomplish, or understand God’s Perspective. I think perspective is one of the few hindrances that people have between understanding what God wants for them, and their logic thought. First of all, God is too big, and too amazing for logic to understand. Logic is as far as what the human brain can understand. So it’s dealing with only the Body part of you. You can and only will accept and understand God with your faith. So to get God’s perspective, throw out your human logic, and Renew your mind with the Word of God, and have faith.

  And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.“  Romans 12:2 

I really have a burning passion for explaining to people what God’s perspective is. God wants you to have everything good. God wants you to be blessed and live an ultimate life. But it will be superbly hard to have that if you can’t see yourself having that. You gotta know who you are in Christ. And claim what you deserve.

I enjoy books thoroughly. I am such a bookworm. I like a certain type of book genre. I like action/romance… and something with a dash of fantasy. I find it really interesting, and I think that it opens doors to more twists and turns and whatnots. Whether it be a guy turning into a wolf, or someone falling in love with a handsome stranger who turns out to be a fairy king, it makes things interesting. Same goes for movies. Captain America, Transformers, etc. There is always a certain twist that makes the movie interesting.

Now I’m going to try and let you understand a revelation that I got from God, and to try to give you a new perspective in life. I always ask myself, “When will my man-wolf come? When will my car transform into an alien robot? When will my life get interesting?” And it hit me: I was being so ignorant. Since I was homeschooled, and brought up in a really good family, I was somewhat naïve. But when I grew up and found out about certain lives of people, I was shocked and in awe about how amazing my life is. And I thought. It’s God. God is my twist. God is the one that will open more doors to my story. God is my transformer. Only better. He’s real.

So I say, stop trying to wait for something to happen. It already happened. You just have to claim it. Accept it. Own it. See God’s perspective and see you are a Child of God, and open more doors for your story to become one of the most epic lives on this planet. Don’t waste it. Use what God gave you to bring Him glory.

Its like, God sees 3D, and He looks at you, and sees Spirit, Soul, and Body. But you also have to put on your 3D glasses, to experience life to its full extent. Don’t limit yourself to 2D (Body and Soul) because as they say, in 2D, you’re watching it, in 3D, you’re in it.


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