Monday, August 29, 2011

Chico! \:D/

This is a Chico appreciation post so ima just spam you guys with Chico photos! <3

He's gotten so big in the passed few months <3 (lol I was getting my dose of korean dramas that day.)

Chico being cute >.<

When we got him, he had a tiny scratch on his eye. It got infected and got really really bad. I was devastated. I really don't like it when my dogs are sick. But, we had him checked out, and the vet said that if we gave enough time to nurture and care for his eye, we'd probably bring it back to its original healthy state. Worst case scenario is that we'd have to take his whole eye out. *yiykes* So I really took charge and took care of his eye. I had to drop some special liquid into his eye every hour, for 2 weeks. No sleep for me! It got better, but he probably can't see with his right eye anymore. I'm just happy he's healthy now.

Another special thing about Chico is that he is the first of his kind here in the Philippines. You see, he is a special kind of Yorkshire Terrier, he is a Yorkshire Terrier Biewer. (its german so you pronounce it as "Beaver") A special breed of Yorkshires that grows White hair along with his black and tan. Ain't that cool?

Oh! I got my hair coloured!!

Eggs in a Basket

I decided to wake up a pinch earlier than usual just to try this recipe I searched the night before. These delicious, odd looking bread with eggs, are called Eggs in a Basket. And I'm gonna show you how to make one!

1. First of all, get a cup or a cookie cutter of your choice, and cut out the middle part of a slice of bread.
2. Butter a non-stick pan for flavor, and place the bread onto the pan, with the cut out middle part. 
3. Keep it on one side and keep checking till you get the crunchiness that you want.
4. Flip the bread.
5. Crack the egg into the hole, add salt and pepper, and wait for it to cook. 
6. Slice out the excess egg whites and serve!

I ate it with ketchup. It was amaze. <3

I gave this box a makeover (I sell cupcakes you see,) and yeah... 


Its so very fun to visit my grandparents once in a while. You get to spend quality time and might even go home with a few treasures. I did!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July Six Tuesday

I'm sorry, I totally skipped this cause I was following my photo folders and their dates, then I remembered that I named this folder differently. So... Well Anyway! It was my Mate's birthday and we threw him a little surprise party that he instructed us to do. I set up a little remote controlled photobooth for us to fool around in. We had some of ate Jonna's OSM spaghetti and lots more. It was a brilliant night.

Zach's Birthday

It was my brother Zach's birthday and he wanted to have a Lazer Tag Party. So we did. He invited his friends and they even had these masks and what not with them. They really took it seriously. After Lazer Tagging, we ate at Shakey's for some pizza, pasta, and chicken. Yum-o.

Bagoong Republic

I usually always tag along when my Dad goes out to eat with his staff. This time, he took his staff to eat at Bagoong Republic. Let me just say that their food is.. Amazing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ultimate Cone-ing

The next day, 13th of July, my Mate (Simon) and I went to Moa for some quality mate down time. And we decided to go Ultimate cone-ing that day. And then watched a chick-flick (Monte Carlo) that changed our lives. Really.


We did this on July 12th, this is just an ultimately late post. I'm still trying to catch up!! Anyway, we finally conjured up the courage to go cone-ing. We sort of failed but hey, give us a brake! It was our first time. We were nervous!...

One night

(Little Planet shot of the view from our Suite)

My parents got a free stay at one of the suites in the Dusit Thani Hotel, compliments of Dannah's Mum. (Hi Tita Joy! Thank You.) And my siblings and I tagged along. That hotel is surrounded by a train of malls, so we really enjoyed our stay. I also got to buy myself some goodies from forever 21!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Le Walk.

It was Lois' last full day at my house and we decided to celebrate and go cone-ing. Since McDonald's was just a hop skip away, (not really) we opted to walk because the weather was so nice, and... Yeah. :P

Pancake Heads

Lois and I met up with the wonderful Ina & Elle at Atc for the 2nd time! *Happy Dance* And kawinkadinkaly, Jenny was there and I got to meet her for the first time! Lois has been telling me how nice she is and how she makes people feel like they've been friends forever, and Ohhh she's super nice and I love how she includes everyone in the conversation. She's even better than what Lois explained! Soo nice to meet her :)

Our deal

Our Deal by Best Coast.

Music video directed by Drew Barrymore.

This music video is so amazing, it made me cry (not to mention i'm on my period so it really hit me good.) I love everything!! I love the way Drew Barrymore directs stuff. (Which is why I absolutely love Whip It.) the outfits and the story line. Ugh. I cried. :|

And the music is just MINT.

And Tyler Posey is infuriatingly hot its unbearable.

I JUST LOVE IT KAY. Everyone needs to watch it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



I wanna go out.

So my Dad had a racing thing near Moa, and we asked if we could go to Moa whilst he does his racing thing and he said yes. We first ate at Pancake House (Again.) And guess who we saw?...

The Almost Not Sleepover

(stole from Clara's Blog Lol)

My father allowed me to a sleepover all the way in San Juan. ( I KNOW RIGHT??) Its such an answered prayer since the girls (Clara, Emman, Clarissa, Lois, & Iya) called me on the phone, put me on speakerphone, and right then & there, they all prayed so that I would be allowed to go to this sleepover. It was so sweet! (Ugh I love these girls so much.) But later to find out that we might have no ride at all. We slightly, almost gave up and watched X-Men at Starmall.  Later on, (thank God) Lois & Lisa's Mum called Tito Roy, and he said he might be able to pick us up later that night. AND SO THE ALMOST NOT SLEEPOVER BEGAN..