Friday, October 14, 2011

Movies, Baking, & Lovely Friends

(Some Pictures stolen from Nina. Hoho!)

First of all, I'm sorry for the lack of make-up and the fact that my facial nemesis; pimples, decided to reveal itself with a posse. Not cool. 

With that said, I MET NINA FOR THE FIRST TIME!! *happy dance*

We were supposed to meet at the Mysterium Exhibit, but things didn't work out well. So she sent me a message, and we got to talking and ended up with a simple plan of hanging out at my house with Ina and Elle!! Which was totally mint, since I desperately needed girl time. Huzzah!

When they arrived, we decided to just bake first and eat the goods when we're watching the movies! 
On the menu that day: Lava cake & Apple Pie! (two of my best recipes, and personal favourite)
Since I had little slaves, *cough* I mean helpers, I asked them to do some baking stuff! I mean that's what friends do in these type of stuff.. Right? So! Nina melted the chocolates, Ina beat the eggs, while Elle and I worked on the pie.

They had pasalubong for me!! Well, for us.. Haha!

The mini apple pie I baked for Nina cause she couldn't eat chocolate (I felt crushed for her) for reasons stated in her blog that you should really check out! ::
And can I just boast that she said "I absolutely love Seed's Apple Pie" 

We watched Bridesmaids (Hilar, and the lead guy was adorable!) and Elvis & Anabelle cuz they HAVE NOT seen it yet and I just HAD to make them watch it!! We were supposed to take a stroll in the park, but it was raining almost the whole day :(


I basically look the same no matter how I try to look different :|

I had the best-est, funnerific time with these girls!! They have awesomesauce all over them.
Check out their blogs!:

(Random iPhone Pics)

Happy Saturday!

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