Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sundays that make me Soppy

I love Sundays. Don't you?

What better way to explore the lengths of my new lens than with friends? :)

My red velvet cupcake. Shaved chocolate on top of cream cheese frosting changes EVERYTHING.

I reeaaally love this shot.

I've been obsessing about this song "Ako Nalang" by Zia Quizon. Watch the video here. Her voice is amazing!! I'm so jealous.

My friend and I went 90's and made an Origami Fortune Teller and wrote down the names of our crushes. Lol. I hope you can't read them. HAHA!

It was Josh's Birthday that day...

Simon treated everyone to Lunch at Sweet Sol. It was sweet of him!

Haha. How adorbz is this?

Spent some qualitea time with my friend Cha. :)

My adorbz iPhone case. Lol

Someone either has a crush on Robert or Ria (My sister) to have this sort of special treatment. Come on, heart shaped spaghetti? :)))

Filming British Muffins!

Complaining about how big my nose is. 

We like to pick up men in white randomly in the streets.



(Random iPhone Pics)


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