Monday, October 17, 2011

Life is gooood

I' ve been saving up money for months now. And I've been sowing seeds, and just praying hard to get a new Canon 50mm 1.4. 

After all the hard work and not-spent money, and a harvest here and there, I finally saved up enough to pay for half of it! See, I had this deal with my Dad; I'll come up with half of the money, and he'll pay for the other half. And it just so happens that my Dad was going to Hong Kong for his Staff out-of-the-country trip. IT WAS PERFECT!!

So I gave him the cash, and just prayed that there would be a more agreeable price in Hong Kong, so that my Dad would definitely have to get it. Lol!

Anyway! Later in the day of their departure, my Dad called me up just to make sure he was getting the right type. And he said that it was cheaper there!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!

3 days later, they came back home and... Drum roll please...

Hello Beautiful.

UNBOXING (cause I see people on YouTube do this. Lol)

Mandatory shots of my babies:

The next day, I did a little mini photo-shoot with chico because he deserves it.

Ugh the bokeh is just amaazing




The lens is just what I hoped it would be. I'm itching to do a photoshoot now!!! 

I'm just so happy, and God is just so amazing I can't thank Him enough. My Dad too <3 I love you Daddy!

(Random iPhone Pics)


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