Friday, December 7, 2012


Most of my school work recently consists Advertising Campaigns. I did some research and saw some pretty cool Ads that I wanted to keep for inspiration. I also wanted them to be easy to view and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you guys. Enjoy.

This is an Ad for a Vacuum company. Genius.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

NomadSt BTS

   A couple of months ago, (yes insanely late.) the art director of our school invited me to assist her in a shoot for their website It's this pretty high-end website that features A-list artists from Asia. Not only are they featuring the artists, they also feature the artists' favorite places. It's some pretty cool stuff. I also got to work with my friends Maicah, Jasper, and Quincy. 

Here are some BTS shots of the whole shoot. Our model was pretty sizzlin. 

Maicah doing make-up on our model, Matthew Knowles

Jasper being all stylist-ee

Yup... This happened.


It's always a fun experience to be in a shoot, and this was no exception. I learned a lot, and had fun in the process. And also, working with friends was super fun too! I totally wanna go on one of these shoots again, and maybe be the photographer sometime soon. :) I miss doing shoots :( I've been so busy with school I haven't touched my camera in forever! I need some one on one time with Jared again. 

I've also been praying for a new camera! Please agree with me in prayer :)

Long post, I know. But yeah, I needed to post on my blog again. I missed it too much! Hopefully by sembreak I can post more stuff here. (Hah.)

Anyway! I hoped you enjoyed looking at the photos, and if you want to see the final output of the shoot, check out or these posts here, here and here

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My First Pre-Dedication Baby Shoot!

   An old childhood friend of mine contacted me to do a shoot for her adorable baby girl! This sweet plump faced baby's name is Liv. And she just turned 1 today! This shoot was done last January a few days before her actual dedication. It was quite a challenge for me to take photos of a baby under a bright light. She cried half of the time!! It took us the whole afternoon till 8pm to get decent photos of her. I took nearly 800 photos that night! Crazy! But it was such a nice learning experience. Also I got to catch up with old friends! 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nail Decals x Oral Communication

    Our Oral Com teacher gave us interesting homework this week. We had to make a How To video. Now, the reason I had a weird iPad shot (Which was really unnecessary.) is because my prof told me to use our iPads to record ourselves. I had a perfectly working High Definition camera at my disposal, why would I want to use my 5mpx iPad to record my How To??? But I didn't want to completely disregard her rule. So, I still used my iPad just incase she brings it up.

    If you get bored during the middle, don't worry, it gets better. Also I'm so sorry for the over cut-ins. I wanted to make it as short and as funny as I could muster!

Excuse my weirdness.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Living by Faith

So I got this mind blowing revelation in church yesterday. The Bible says for us to always live by faith 24/7. But what does it really mean? I honestly didn't know. In Habakkuk 2:4 it says "...the just shall live by faith." How can I live by faith all the time in this world with such a worldly system? How do I even know I'm living by faith anyway? These are a few questions that have been boggling my mind for YEARS. 

I basically grew up with the church. And I can honestly say I'm only truly growing up spiritually at this stage of my life. I have God, family, and an amazing group of friends to thank for that. I am so blessed to be around such spiritually helpful and mature christians. And up until this Sunday did I only get the answer to my questions. "How do I live by faith 24/7?"

Funny story, the Pastor who was preaching also was asking the same thing to God for years now. And as she grew spiritually and through the years of preaching, she finally got it. Living by faith is filtering everything else out through the Word of God and rejecting anything that doesn't go with the Word of God. And it all made sense to me.

Honestly, I'm not there yet. I'm still being perfected by God. And I admit, my filter has a few holes once in a while. But now that I have this standard, this revelation, as to how I can live by faith... It's like I have a blueprint, or a map to a maze that I have been walking in for years. I was in the dark, and that revelation turned on the light. And now that I can see the truth, I will definitely try harder to live by faith. I have a guideline now.

There are such worldly things out there, and it will be hard sometimes to filter them out, but like my pastor said, "You see it, you hear it, don't do it, don't say it."

Let's just say this "filter" is a Banig. A Banig is a woven mat for sleeping or sitting used here in the Philippines. In this worldly system, you have to rise above by living by faith. Now think of your faith as your Banig. If your Banig is loose, it can break easily. To tighten up your the intricate weaving of your Banig, you have to keep "hearing and hearing by the word of God" (Rom 10:17) Imagine you're on a flying Banig above the worldly system, you'd want that Banig to be tight, wouldn't you? And with that strong Banig underneath you, you would be safe, and God can show you the world... Shining, shimmering and splendid, as He sees it through His word.

I saw that image on tumblr. It's a screen cap from the movie Pi.

Let's re-phrase that in relation to walking by faith:

"When your mind becomes aligned with the word of God, you will filter everything else out and find faith everywhere."

And just like that, living by faith is like the easiest thing to do.


Sunday, July 8, 2012


     And we have a winner! Okay, remember that post I did about Something special? Well just a recap, that whole photo-set got scrapped because those were too easy. But moving on, I was challenged to do something artistically challenging. Capturing a different side of my subjects in black and white. I know, it's so easy to take an annoyingly self proclaimed dramatic or deep photo by just changing the mode of your camera. I say that with the utmost sarcasm I have in every bone of my body. But let me just say: It is unbelievably hard to capture true emotion and the heart of a person in a black and white photo because it there is no color to work with. Color can do so much to add to the feel, and depth of a photo.

    This collection is called Perspective, because the idea is to give the viewers a different perspective of the people on the photographs. 

    Essentially I asked each subject a bunch of questions, until we all got a little bit more comfortable for me to ask about their life story etc. Although they knew that I was taking pictures, I gave them at least 30 minutes each to get comfortable infront of the camera and the blinding light. With that said, those photos up there are all candid shots.

    This next set wasn't supposed to be with the first set. I took an accidental one of Charles and I really liked the effect of it. Also it fit into my concept of Perspective. The photo looked dramatically better when I rotated it to the right, also we got a high grade for our finals. - Happy Dance! -

    These are also all raw photos in terms of facial photoshopping. The only photoshopping involved was to sharpen the photo, and that's it. I'm really proud of this set. 

   With this set came a photo collage of almost all our pictures and a few videos compiled into one whole video. Enjoy!