Friday, October 14, 2011

Banana Leaf + Ciocolato

At least once a week, my family and I go out to eat and maybe chill somewhere for Family Quality Time. And I gotta say, I aint complainin'! We ate at Banana Leaf for lunch at Prominade. It was superb!

Banana Leaf is a Multi-Awarded International Restaurant that introduced Filipino diners to the delights of modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian cuisine. The flavors were strong and different in every dish! It became overwhelming at times, but you just can't stop eating when you've tasted it! But be warned, after eating there, your breath will smell like a multi-asian buffet. And asian spices are the smelliest!

I ordered a personal asian cuisine favourite of mine: Hainanese Chicken. (photo above) 
Hainanese Chicken is a Chinese/Singaporean dish you can find in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong (Where I first tasted it.) Its prepared by boiling a whole chicken in pork and chicken bone stock, and is served (usually) with rice, and some ginger sauce. (thank you Wikipedia) ITS SO GOOD!!!

Banana Leaf's version of Hainanese Chicken is strong with flavour and has additional dips such as Molasses, and Sweet and Sour sauce. (Didn't really touch those.) And served with some really good soup.
I'd give this dish a 7 out of 10. Too much flavour for my taste. Hainanese is supposed to taste sort of bland, but coupled with the ginger sauce; is just amazeballs. I didn't need to use the ginger sauce with the Banana Leaf version because the flavours were really really strong! But, if you're into the strong flavoured stuff, be my guest! :)

I forgot what this dish is called, but its a sort of Binagoongan (a dish with a heaping amount of shrimp paste) with an extra texture and kick of coconut. Its reaaaalllly goood.

This one's also really good. Can't remember the name, but its some sort of Flat Noodle dish with veggies.

I forgot to take a picture of my sister's squid which was immaculate. It tastes like FLOWERS. Yes. Flowers. Just try it and taste what I mean. And thus, I have failed to get the name of the dish again. Sorry! 


The meal was brilliant, and we were undoubtedly full. We scurried off to fully booked, and I gasped when I saw Son of Neptune was out... Well, not really gasped.. I freaked. Out. Spazzing like a little girl. My dad was about to buy a book when I presented my puppy dog face and my convincing energy. AND VOILA. He bought the book for me! Woohoo! Thaaank youuu daddy!

I saw the poster of Three Muskateers. And oh dear. Mr. Darcy, and Percy Jackson red heads. Not a good look you guys. :| Still, I'm watching this movie cause the cast is just overwhelming! HAHA!

We then trudged our full bellies to greenhills for a bit of shopping and the sort. Also to loose a few pounds. hah! 

And theeeeennnn we checked out this new cupcake shop at Macapagal called Ciocolato. It was very... Pink

The cupcakes were pretty, they had about 9 flavours available for purchasing.

I, ofcourse had to try their Red Velvets with Cream Cheese Frosting.

They also had mini cupcakes that are bought by Set. Adorbz!

Pretty Fondant. Lol this reminds me of Bridesmaids. Which also reminds me that ELLE INVITED ME TO A FONDANT PARTYYYY well, not really a party, but YEEEAHHHHH.

AAANNND Drum roll please!

The cupcakes were dry from refrigerating. From a baker's point of view, I completely understad. Everyone should know that A good cupcake is at its best state, room temperature. There is something Martha's cupcakes does though, that makes their cupcakes still moist even after refrigerating. Huh. I wanna know!!! 

Andyway, taste wise: Nothing special. I still love my Red Velvets over theirs. The only one I liked was their Devil's Food Cupcake with ganache icing. Unfortunately, not good enough for seconds. Sorry!

My sister bought this cool shirt that lights up to the beat. WICKED.

(Random iPhone Pics)

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