Friday, October 14, 2011

Two is better than one

My friends and I chilled for a bit at Sweet Sol and had one of the most funniest experiences ever.

Christian Bautista's (a singer in the Philippines) brother walked in and sat right behind me. 

My friends and I were singing along to the songs they were playing at the shop, when Two is Better Than One started playing. I said "DAS MA JAM" cause it was. So I started singing. We heard Josh (Christian Bautista's Brother) Singing along. We were staring at each other and trying not to laugh. Cause you know how there's a girl part and there's a boy part? I'd sing the girl part and he'd sing the boy part. It was hilar!!! we tried to stop laughing but its so hard!! 

Oh there was a hair in Simon's burger.

I then tweeted him and said "Just had a duet with *his twitter name* Cause two is better than one. Hi."
He tweeted that he was at Sweet Sol. Which means he saw it. And we started freaking out. :))) 
We did a British Muffin episode there just doing random stuff. We wanted to invite him over for the video but we didn't have the guts. Lol. (British Muffins is a vlog my mate and I conjured up out of nowhere that we upload on facebook. I'm trying to upload the video on vimeo right now so that I can put it here!)

We tried playing monopoly deal. But to no avail.

Simon went a little cray cray with my iPhone and just played around so much.

Me and my "album cover pose."

iPhone Pics (September 25)

(refresh if you can't see)

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