Friday, December 31, 2010

Last days of 2010

Photos from Dec 24-30

On the twenty fourth, we decided to eat at the Bellevue Hotel.

I got full so I played with my food. :P


Trishy's Gift! Gonna show you what I got from her on the next post.

My Grandfather from Mum's side


My family with Tito Maurice's (My dad's Brother) family.

These animal hats are all the rage.

One of the best gifts this Christmas. Thanks Nachi! <3

The hat that everyone wants.

Baking pie at 1am in the morning like a boss.

Sleepin like a boss.  (we had a sleepover)

Pie Crust cookies :D
Making Royal Icing

Gingerbread Dough

Crushed Candy Cane

Cookie Cutters!

The icing injector Lisa gave me!

This was super fun

Aww he NEVER smiles for single photos and that is why this photo is very special. (He was so happy cause his dad let him stay a couple of hours longer)

The most badass dinosaur gingerbread cookie that graced the earth.
It tasted strongly of molasses and had a sort of burnt sugar flavour. I still can't explain the taste. Its like an adventure every single bite. You can't quite pin point what the flavour is. It was pretty darn surprising.

Ohh man I needed that. Its nice to get all these photos done.

Happy New Year everyone!! Will post my New Year's Eve photos soon. :D TONS AND TONS of fireworks.

Happy Friday-Saturday!~