Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I completely forgot how much I loved Tumblr. It always never fails to give me inspiration with art, fashion, beauty, and photography. Here are a couple of things that inspired me over the past couple of days. <3

Source: http://fashionistaswonderland.tumblr.com/

Source: http://keepingupwiththecelebs.tumblr.com/

Source: http://solestruckshoes.tumblr.com/

I LOVE interactive tattoos I might even get one someday.

Source: http://efedra.tumblr.com/

Source: http://dogma-noir.tumblr.com/


I loove this idea might do something like this on my instagram.


Classic Winged Liner 5ever.

I don't think i'll ever have a beautiful desk like this but maybe if I just keep staring at these nice ones i'll finally do something about it. Lol.

OBSESSED with minimalist accessories.

This bag <3

And here's a nice song and music video to inspire this incredibly warm Wednesday. <3

Seed xoxo

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Ignite 2015 vlog

Ignite has been such an amazing experience!!! God really wanted me to be greatly encouraged by all the messages, the prayers and the excitement that everyone brought with them and will bring to their campuses. I'm super excited about what God has in store for each and every campus. I also learned a lot in terms of how things were done in Victory events and how excellent the prod, ushers, security and all of the volunteers were. It's something to aspire to for my own home church. I'm so blessed to have been a part of this wild and amazing conference and I'd love to come back next year!

Very Pretty Photos

Lois took these incredible photos of me by the shallow water.  Um yas.

Monday, June 1, 2015

What i've been up to...

The only thing I don't like about taking so many videos is that I forget to take pictures!! But here's one nice pic I intentionally took:

Anyway! Been thinking I would do June Tube, or Vlune this June because I am looking at my calendar and it is PACKED. I'm hoping I can vlog most of the things that are happening. I can't promise a daily thing but yeah! I'm super excited for that. Cause I know everything will probably stop once school starts *cry* but yeah!! 

I'm headed off to get ready for Ignite 2015, i'm gonna vlog a little bit of that too so that should be fun! The first night is tonight and I cannot be more excited. I've always wanted to go, and now I get to go!! Really praying for a breakthrough after these three amazing days. The past month has been incredibly fun, but I had an internal struggle that I was dealing with. So I am so ready for a change and a mega-breakthrough from God, and I am very expectant!! Who knows what God has instore!!??

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bacolod: Zoo • Last day

On my last day, one of the pastors in Bacolod decided to bring us on a little trip to the Zoo! So this is basically an entire post on me freaking out about animals. No joke.

(photos stolen form Lois heh hi.)

Lookin for the turtles!

OMIGOSH THIS DEER. I love him. I just. I love him.

Now watch me quite literally just freak out and talk to animals on this vlog:

My last day in Negros was quite tiring and incredibly fun. I always have such an amazing time on each trip packed with incredible moments and friends whom I love dearly. That's why I come back every summer I can!! I'm always so blessed when I visit that place, (particularly in the stomach region) I just love it there!!! 

Well, this ends my Bacolod, or more accurately Negros Occidental adventures. I'm slowly getting the hang of this vlogging thing, and I'm having so much fun doing it too! I've been using my phone for most of the footage, and so far, it's been good. But my main concern is memory space, and the battery. So I might have to find a better camera to film with in the future. But it's been doing well so far!! Again, this is mostly for personal use and just a little something to look back on. And it's soooo fuuunnnnnn!!! 

Seed xoxo

Bacolod: Sipalay • Date + Movie • Vietnamese Balut (Part 2)

Lois and Clarissa had pre-planned a beach day with their cousin Inah before I even planned on going so it was soo convenient that I arrived and stayed long enough to come with them to the beach! So yay! Beaches are always fun.

It was super amazing just swimming around and feeling the summer breeze on the boat!! I love the sea so much! My family used to go on beach trips every Monday at one point and I never got tired of it!

The next day, I had a nice little lunch date with Eunice and we watched Para sa Hopless Romantic. I didn't really like the movie so much, given that some Filipino movies are paving their way into my heart, this one just stood there. And it's such a shame cause I really liked the concept of having two stories in one. It just didn't flow properly and the ending was pretty crappy.

The following day, Clarissa got married!!!!!

It was soo beautiful, simple, and heartfelt. I loved it so much!!!! I'm so so happy for her, Richard is such a great guy, he is a golden boy. Haha. But yeah!!! I really am so incredibly blessed to have witnessed this couple's growth and love for each other and for the Lord.

That night, we went to the mid-week service at their church and then had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant to try out their balut! It was amazing!!!! 

Watch the vlog here:

Seed xoxo

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bacolod 2015: Pie • Pre-Nup • Wedding Details • Debut (Part 1)

I recently just got back from my week long trip from Negros. It went by sooo fast but I did what I promised I would do: Vlog!! I'll pop that in at the end of this post. It was such an amazing experience as always. This particular week was incredibly busy because one of my best friends Clarissa, was getting civilly married!! That was actually why I went there in the first place. I really thought it would be super nice to have at least one of her Manila friends fly in to support her. The girls really wanted to come but a lot of them were busy, so I really had to push my trip through.

On my first day there, we just stayed in and Baked Pies!

The next day, we headed off to Punong to shoot Clarissa and Richard's Pre-Nup!

It felt soo amazing to be back at Punong!! I missed that place!!!

Chris and I decked the gazeebo out with fairy lights for the shoot. It was soo tiring lol.

The next day, we met up with the couple's wedding planner and visited the resort they were having the wedding in. It was an exhausting but fun day. 


And then, on Sunday Lois and I had a job to cover a Debut. Soo exhausting but we got paid so that's always good. Haha.

And, here's the Vlog!

I'm sorry it's unbelievably long. I'm still learning which parts I should cut and which parts I should keep. I'll do a better job with part two. Anyway! These vlogs are actually just for fun and I'm really not taking this too seriously. It's just a way for me to keep track of things that are happening! And I think it'll be fun to look back on these in the future. :) 

Seed xoxo