Monday, January 31, 2011

I've no excuse but procrastination

Seriously Considering of just plugging my Hardrive to the laptop and just send my photos there so I can edit there and post and upload etc. Just a quick photo post. :>

Went to their school :>

Getting them developed already~ Can't wait.

Gracie's so cool she caught a mosquito.

Hope you're having a great week! :>

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just an update

Well now, I haven't blogged in forever because I've been using my dad's Macbook and my brother decided to live on my computer desk. I mean, It's all good but I can't edit my photos as much as before. I keep thinking if I should just put my photos on my dad's Mac since I basically own it, but it just feels wrong. Oh well. Here are some photos from the last two weeks.

Baby fell asleep while tumblin'

not really.

MEEE WITH MAH COVER <3 If you're in the Philippines, GRAB A COPY NOW!!

Bought this excruciatingly sexy book.


She's being extra cute these passed few days. We have no clue why.


 That of which makes me smell all pepperminty~

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I got my hair Coloured to Coffee Brown.  (Darn my separated bangs.)

This is how I look when I read. :{


Happy Thursday!~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is sooo beautiful! I've never experienced snow before~ :(

I'd love to have this beside my bed!

Hello dream summer house :">

Well ain't this cool?

I just had to.




Give. Me. This. Please!

I have GOT to make one of these :|

Eiffel tower vintage gift tags! oooh! even though I wouldn't know where to use them, I really want to have a few!

Ahh my gosh these blue tipped trend is all the rage right now. Kind of makes it un-unique anymore. Still cool though!

Love love love this whale painting.

And a few of my photos:

Ya'll know I looove me my white hat

Simon's off to meet with his designer friends at starbucks! :)
juuust kidding.

I got a new hat!!

Vanilla~ mmm

I had breakfast food for dinner last night. mmm blueberry pancakes.

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That's all folks! 

Happy Wednesday!~