Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Night Market

We went to a Night Market (Tiangge) the other day with a couple of friends to support Mama Anna (family friend), who recently just opened a stall. We bought a couple of stuff, and just hanged with them for a bit. She's selling a whole lot of knick knacks, necklaces and the sort.

I was pretty sad that they didn't have rings for me to buy! But they said that they'd sell some soon, so i'm definitely coming back. 

They also sell watches! :)

Ptr. Kumar



It was suuuch a nice night out I love how the place had lights dangling from the trees. The place is at BF homes btw.

They also sell cardigans and nice tops.

Oh and OEM Dr. Dre Beats.

It was nice to go out during the night since we don't really do that anymore. The cool breeze just made it all the more perfect, and the bangin' music playing right infront of the stall. Haha.

P.S. I went to the dentist yesterday. Lol my sister took a photo of me and i'll post it on here for laughs. Hoho! Have a nice day :) I plan to.


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