Sunday, October 23, 2011

Most recent picture of me

... I am what I eat? 

Haha! Well i've been chomping on chocolates since my parents came home from Hong Kong. My bloodstream is probably clouded with cocoa. And I don't regret every single bite... I need to visit the dentist soon though :| *scary music.*

Someone gave my Mum this box of chocolates. Its one of those I-dont-know-what-flavor-this-is-so-i'll-bite-every-single-one-of-them types.

Unlike every other mainstream famous chocolates that lasts a week tops in my family, this box will probably last about 2-3 weeks (HALF BITTEN) depending on the flavors. Once we've verified which particular taste we like best, we munch on those continuously until they disappear. The ones we don't like, lasts longer but will eventually be devoured out of boredom. True story.

In other news, my friend Christian got a perm! Wuhahaha. I think its nice.

Before & After

He really looks like Kevin now.

Kevin (he has curlier hair now but this is the only photo I could find at the moment! haha)

Drumroll pleaseeeeeee

And then there's me.

Lol my roots are growing out and yes, my ears are huge. :| That is why I hide them most of the time. LOL
I actually look decent somehow. Haha.

Happy Monday everyone! :D

(Random iPhone Pics)


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