Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger App!

Can I just say that I am lovin' this blogger app on my phone?? Its superb!!

Its super easy to use and absolutely usefull for a blogger on the go. Or if you randomly just wanna post a quicky blog post from anywhere, this is totally the perfect app!!

For Globe subscribers who are iPhone users from the Philippines who can only go on when there's wifi, sigh no more! If you haven't heard, Globe has this new promo Powersurf15, for 1 hour for 1 day, 30 for 3 hours for 1 day, 50 for 5 hours for 3 days!

Its amazeballs. I tried using the app "Maps" today while we were on the road. It was so cool!!! It was like i had a GPS system. A pain to my battery though but it eas really cool!!

Every iPhone user has not lived unless they've used their 3g services. As goes the filipino saying "SAYANG."

Not really a saying, but you get my point right?

Anyway, just a random post from my bloggger app. I LOOOVE IT! 😍


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