Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sleepover at Emman's!!

(Stolen from Clara's Blog)

My God up there's been unbelievably good as mighty usual. But, I'm really proud of myself for trusting Him more even with the little things like.. Say.. Permission to a sleepover? 

Even when it's just that, God let me know that I can trust Him with even just that.

Because He's just THAT amazing and THAT capable, no, I'm not gonna even limit Him to the word "capable." He... He just is. You know? Any problem you have here on this earth is all physical and human. He's Spiritual, which totally trumps physical in any possible way because it's more real. 

I believe, that even the deadliest, most terrible problem any person can have on this earth, isn't even a tiny itch, or tickle to God. So whatever it is? He'll take care of it. He doesn't mind. So what more, if it's just a stubbed toe? He cares for that plump, swollen, reddening, member of your miniscule phalanges. He loves you that much. What's better is... He's done it all. It's all a done deal. Finished. Anything you may need, or may want; anything at all. It's all there for the taking, and It's basically right on a nifty shelf, at arms length. You just gotta trust Him, and believe, and have faith.

And I'm so proud of myself and Thankful to God, for revealing to me that I can trust Him in everything, and that I've grown to this level of faith in Him. I can trust Him. Not just with the hard things, not just with the heavy or mediocre things. Even the little things.

I just wanted to share that to you because it's such a revelation to me lately, and I'm overflowing with it!

Which then brings me to the sleepover!!! 

(Stolen from Clara's Blog)

My Dad allowed me to go to the sleepover, a product of rigorous communicating with God, and just leaving it up to Him. And voila! If you know how my parents are, this is no less than a miracle. 

Lois and Clarissa couldn't believe it. I was usually only allowed if the Camposes are here, and now, even when they aren't, I got allowed!! Woohoo!!!!! See, God and I? We're close.


I first had lunch at Greenhills and later met up with Emman, and tarried off to her house. Later on, Clara popped in and then Iya!! I missed these girls sooo much!!! 

So basically, we just chilled for a bit at Emman's place, and I got to meet her parents. (They coooool) And then we skyped for a bit with Lois and Clarissa, and then watched Crazy Stupid Love! It sucks, watch it. :D

Check out more photos on Clara's Posts Here, and Here!

Sorry I don't have more photos, I forgot my memory card and my brain at home so, you'll have to settle for my iPhone photos. Lol

Emman and her new Boyfriend.

And the guy didn't even care :| Emman went too but Clara has the footage. Lol!

We then just chilled at Starbs and played monopoly deal! It took us about an hour to just figure out how the game went, but we ended up having fun!!

Went back to Emman's place and decided to watch Pride and Prejudice since Clara hasn't seen it yet!

3 words.
Ice Cream, Iced tea (HEHE), and Noodles.

The next morning, we went to church at Victory at The Fort.

Putting on socks. Lol

After church, we went to Clara's house and ordered tea and some pasta from Serenitea. We were starviiinggg LOL. My friends bought me some tea, and I didn't want some at first, but I ended up drinking it! :)) It's pretty good, but coffee is still one and only in my heart! Sorry girls. </3

We went back to Emman's place and said our goodbyes to Clara cause her flight's in a few hours... my Dad picked me up a little while later..:) It was amazing getting to sleepover at a friend's house, without parental or Campos-al supervision. Hah!

The following week, Clara came back from Bacolod again, (YIIHI) and she told us she had some great news for us! I met up with these girls again (AMAZINGLY) at Rob Galle. Iya was there to meet up with me and we had some alone time at starbs and we just kept talking and talking and.... Talking!!

Later, Emman came in BLASTING the double glass doors open, flinging her arms wide and free. Yep. She likes a big entrance. HAHA!! 

She ordered something, its called Nut Bread. And I think its the most delicious bread from a loaf that I have ever tasted. Ever. I miss it now.

Starbs gave us samples of their Iced Caramel Macchiatos, it hit the spot.

Iya & Emman studied for the SAT's that day, so I just had to chill around~ LOL

But then they got lazy after a while and started playing with Emman's iPhone :)


We skyped with jodie and we heard the good news!!! 
Madrid anyone?

Emman had to leave early cause she had to prep for the Youth service later. We met Iya's friend, Kathleen, and she's an amazing writer! Clara and I were looking at her blog and reading stuff, when she walked in the door and just stood there looking for Iya. When she walked out, Clara was like... "SID.... THAT'S HER!! ITS HER!!! LOOK!! OMG" and I'm like... "OMG O___O SHE'S HERE OMG ACT COOL OMG!!" :))))) BlogStrucked. 

That moment when you're looking at someone's blog and that person walks in.

It was a splendid day, if I do say so myself.

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