Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wander Away: HK post day 1!

We arrived at the airport at about 5:00 am and checked in early so we could just chillax and eat breakfast. After breakfast, we waited at the terminal for our plane. (P.S. Don't expect any tourist photos since this isn't a fun-holiday trip. Its a business trip so I opted to shoot street photography. Plus no one was free to take shots of me :C oh well. Still, enjoy the photos!)

In a few minutes we boarded the plane and headed off to Hong Kong!

Eversince I heard the song Rocketeer by The Far East Movement and I promised myself that I'd listen to it when I'm in flight. And so I did!... 5 times!

After the relatively short airplane ride, we hopped onto the train to Kowloon Station.

At the station, I saw this really big Pocky box O_O I wonder if the sticks are as big as the box!

When we got off the train, we hopped onto a bus to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Fun fact: They sell their plastic bags in Hong Kong for 50cents in convenience stores!

We arrived at our hotel and we left our HOUMUNGOUS bags there waited for some friends of my dad's, so we could eat lunch with them.

 After lunch, we headed off to some place with tons of electronics and my dad bought a lot of wires and stuff. I don't really remember. When they finished buying stuff, we separated with my dad's friends and went to the soul purpose of this trip. To get equipment. So we rode a taxi to the place and picked up the stuff, then rode a van back to the hotel which was apparently cheaper than the taxi. 

This photo creeps me out. :| It was this old old old building beside the building that we were at.

These guys were talking on the phone at the same time, you'd think they were talking to each other. lol

We got back to the hotel just in time for check-in. The room was fairly big for 2 people. It had all the hotel room usuals. T.V., fridge, closet, table... etc. We rested for a couple of minutes, retouched my make up and such... Then went shoe shopping! 

Shoe shopping was a blast! I got a pair of Brown boots and some really pretty wedges! After shoe shopping, we ate at this Vietnamese Restaurant right next to our hotel. 

Complimentary beer the lady gave to my dad. She didn't give free beer to the other costumers which lead me to one conclusion: She had the hots for my dad. Ha! 

I drank it.
LOL. NO. As if! 

Their food was pricey but really good! 

Sorry for this late post! The internet died last night *mourns* but I guess he had vampire blood in him and brought him back to life now to live forever in this world. Cool.

 On the airplane.

on the train.

On the bus

At the hotel~

I wanted to leave a LOT more but I'm so freakin scared of getting arrested for artistic littering. :|

I hope it's not too late to say:


DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! >> still not ready.

Happy Thursday-ish? LOL. I'll be posting another blog post today so wait for that :D

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