Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things I got today!

Today was a very favoured day because today I got to watch Narnia. (Prince Caspian and his hotness. God bless that man.) And it was great! Plus I bought a new book for myself since I couldn't resist. I had cash, and I was at a bookstore. What did you expect me to do? Then, when I got home my dad gave me a 1.5 terrabyte external hard drive for an early Christmas Present!!! And finally, I got the package my friend Trish sent for me! Its been a really awesome day, and it was to be expected when you've got a really awesome God who's got cho back.

Onwards to the photos!

This was what was inside the Box! :)

I was on the webcam for my friends to see my reaction! 

 Aahh she sent me cool shades!!!! I LOVE THEM

Lol I am inlove with this.

 MY 1.5 TB HARD DRIVE I'M SO HAPPY *O* THANK YOU GOD AND THANK YOU DADDY YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will totally make my life soo much easier. I hate deleting files!!!!

Book  finds! Hnngg boookssss. The first thing I did when I got them is sniffed them O_O I've been eying The Lost Hero for a long time now. I was choosing between this and The Last Olympian. But since TLO was still in hard bound, (and more expensive) I chose this one! I'll just wait for the paper bound TLO since all my Percy Jackson books are paper bound!


Tomorrow I'll post my Christmas to 2011 Wishlist instead of my normal WPS. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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