Monday, December 6, 2010

Pretty awesome photos and A Cool givaway I found

So I was looking through my reading list and I saw this cool givaway The Dainty Squid is having! She's giving away this really pretty Lens Coffee Mug and I really really want it!! I mean, who wouldn't? Click here to check it out!

They liked my colourful cupcakes! Which was weird cause I didn't.... This is a photo of one of my dad's staff showing off my frosting skills! I didn't even look at the cupcake it was a winging-it type of thing and I unknowingly frosted a face on the cupcake!

Yesterday we ate at Pizza Hut with my sister, Robert and Narichelle. And I've been itching to try their meatballs since my dad holds them in a really high pedestal in his world. So I'm like, hey, if he likes it so much, why don't I try it? So I did...

 It wasn't that great sadly, although when I showed my mum this photo and asked her why I didn't like mine she said "Oh well maybe you got rotten ones!" and I'm like.. "wow, thanks a lot mum." :|

I did a mini shoot for my friend Paolo's mum's cupcake business.

Jonna and Patty being cute :)

Paolo always the camera shy type.

It was just a quicky shoot with pieces of bond paper on the table and an external flash pointed to the ceiling. 

Came out pretty well~

That Sunday 3 of my friends an I wore Espadrilles to church! 

Cole sleeping like a boss with his monkey.

Look what my mum got me! They're adorable and they only cost 30 bucks(pesos) a pop! I'm so happy cause I don't have pretty plates for me to put my pretty food on! And now I do :]


Tumblr's been down the whole day. I feel so... Tumblr deprived!

OH well... I really hope its up again tomorrow! Or tonight for that matter!

Happy Monday!~

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