Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom 12.23.10

Big big photo spam from Enchanted Kingdom! It was super super fun and I got to hang out with my lovely friend Eunice from Bacolod! The timing was perfect so we squeezed her into our little adventure.

I'll post a WPS later so I wouldn't miss a day again I hope you don't mind me post spamming aside from the photo spamming. Well let me bother you no more and start with the spam!

P.S. Don't mind how I look cause that's my "I'm-supposed-to-be-behind-the-camera" look.

Breakfast at McD's

There was a party so HE was there!

I ran out of papercrane paper so I used the sausage mcmuffin wrapper to make one. :D

Aww twin hair *_*

That is Reeb.

Chips.. Just. Chips.


On the phone with the Campos sisters in the lavatory.

The.. Um.. Sun.. Was... in my face.

Purrdy <3

The happy couple after riding the Space Shuttle.
Christian, Roan & I after riding the Space Shuttle. Eunice didn't ride for reasons obvious to the seeing eye.

My lunch.. Was not that good.

Christmassy Nerds!

She tried DQ for the first time EVER!!!!

I ofcourse got my favourite flavour: Candy Cane Crush :)

I feel a cavity coming on. 

Oh man this part of the day was so funny. We were standing outside this huge wooden door, and all around we could hear from the loud speakers that there was a performance at portabello. And we're like "where the heck is portabello?" We didn't know so we shrugged it off. After the loudspeaker repeated the announcement a couple of times, there was this weird song, and then a scary, creepy sound of death rolling out of the speakers. Eunice and I made funny scared faces. I had my back to the wooden door and then her face really looked shocked and pointed behind me..... THERE WERE ZOMBIES COMING OUT OF THE FREAKING DOOR. I WAS LIKE "OMG *SCREAAAMMMMSSS*" lol it was fun. One guy with a scary mask even came close to my sister and she really screamed.

I'm sad to say we didn't have photos in Rio Grande where we REALLY got soaked, but we do have a video :)

Cliche shot of the day!:

That's all folks!

I'll post a Video I'm making of our trip next time. :P

Happy Wednesday! ~

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