Friday, December 17, 2010

Wander Away: HK post day 2!

Second day was chillier than the first day. It was really cold, that the hotel had to lower our aircondition, that even if we turn it up to the coldest temp its still feels like a neutral cold inside the room. Ha!

We ate breakfast, and then returned to the hotel to rest, and then we went to Mongkok to go for a bit of electronic shopping!

The view outside our hotel room.

Breakfast! Buttered bread with condensed milk. Omnomnom.~

And for dessert we ate Mint M&M's!! I didn't know it existed! And now i'm inlove.

Tumblrrrrrrr~ what little moments I had with you when I was in Hong Kong

Look what I saw there!

I ate cream puffs! Mmmmmmmmmm <3

Aah! Ate Ben & Jerry's for the first time at the airport!! ITS AWESOME!! I got Mint Chocolate Chunk, and boy were they Chunky. The pieces of chocolate were massive! Unlike here in the Philippines when they say "chunk" it looks like "chip" Lol.

And finally, my last shot of Hong Kong:

You can see me taking the photo ~ hoho

I really had a Blast but it was all too short! I miss Hong Kong already. I'm seriously considering going to school there if I get into one. I'd love to live there for a short while just to get the feel of living there.

Lol I just remembered this thing my dad's friend told me about what women in Hong Kong look for in men. The 4 C's. Cash, Car, Credit card, and a Condo. While here in the Philippines, what some women look for are the 4 M's. Mayaman, Matanda, Madaling Mamatay. LOL I laughed so much when she said that.

Stay tuned for my next post as I show you what I crossed off my Christmas Wish/Prayer List. If you're too curious to wait, see what I crossed out on my list Here.

For my paper crane quest, I left A LOT everywhere, but I couldn't take photos since we were walking in a fast pace.

But here's a nice Paper Crane Quest Story: While my dad was buying an iPad for my aunt, I was just standing outside the booth/store looking at myself on the monitor where there was a webcam and you can see yourself. Later I realized that the dude selling the iPad was stealing stares from me. And I'm like.. Okay.. He's not bad looking, he's not super hot either.  I thought it was adorable. I caught him staring a couple of times and he kept fiddling with something behind the table where the monitor is, and ever so slightly looks up to where I am. I started feeling uncomfortable so I walked around. And I started folding a paper crane. Weirdly enough, he started folding a piece of paper too. LOL I inspired him to fold paper? I guess? But he was just playing around.. Haha. Anyway, before we walked away from the store, I left him a paper crane on the table. I don't know if he saw it but yeah. That was fun.


Happy Friday!~

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