Sunday, December 12, 2010

Epic day and the epic fail

Today was an epic day. Epic friends, epic food, epic flying plastic things, and epic kids that play. Epic was the only way, the only way I say. Epic are these epic words that fill my blog today. Silly Seed, Slinky Simon, Red Robert, Red Ria, and the OSM Boys, were far from epic dismay. They filled their stomachs with chicken stomachs, dear me, not in a frightful way! It was quite delicious I dare say.

But oh, good grief, one thing was amiss: Silly Seed's camera was away. Oh what a sad day for her blog today, no pictures are on display. But wait! What's this? A little twist? Silly Seed drew, and drew, and found another way! These scribbles aren't great, oh far from the Louvre, but saved her from her reader's dismay!

I squeezed Gracie in just in time!  She was there for the F12 Meeting! :D

So... Yeah that's what we looked like today.. Well mine's more on the dot. That's why I had to draw some of the boys without legs or bodies since I forgot what they were wearing :| Sorry boys.

This photo explains a lot. More than any photo I could've taken. I really worked hard on this! And yes they all have their eyes closed :| JUST CAUSE, OKAY.

My mum got a cool ship in a bottle today! And she gave it to me :)

yay yay <3 so pretty. Anyway Today was epic. Don't forget this day.


P.S. They loved my pie

Epic Sunday!~

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