Friday, December 17, 2010


Everyone meet Nougat.

He's my new Panasonic Lumix GF1. What I love about Nougat is that I can attatch my Minolta lenses on him. We bought him in Mongkok. We weren't supposed to, but when my dad found out that we could use our Minolta lenses that we have here, he bought it cause... DUDE. 5 LENSES. We don't want that to go to waste now do we?

Here are a few shots, now, the quality is kind of stifled because the lenses are old. I'm planning to get the pancake lens too just so we can have a point and shoot lens, since I have to manually focus the older minolta lenses. (Even the aperture has to be manually operated!!)

videos from Nougat:

Ahh! I'm so excited about it! Its just nice that I can use my old lenses on him. :)

That's one thing to cross off my list! :)

For the shocker: I've seen some people with this camera and they bought it for 20-40k. My dad and I bought it for 15k, (body only) + lens converter and a 16 gig  memory card. Not too shabby eh?

Thank you Lord! :) The blessings that are coming in are just amazing, all I can do is be Thankful, so ... Thank you Lord. You are amazing.

By the way I like the new bills!..... 

DUCWIDT? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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