Thursday, December 9, 2010

My dogs should be on lolcat

Don't you think so too? (P.S. those happy pills are nonexistent O_O)

More pics of Cole and that Mars bar. I took photos of him for my 500daysofshutter project. Chocolate is bad for doggies. And the good puppy couldn't care less about the yummy bar infront of him. In his mind, I could read "just let me sleeeep :|" Hoho~ Am I a bad owner for bothering his sleep?But.. butttttt these photos are so cute!

Doodled words and stuff today

I wrote them without lifting my pen from the paper. :3 Its fun.

Nothing interesting happened today. I just wanted to share those adorable dog photos. Forgive me!


And I've decided to feel the Christmas spirit by listening to Glee Christmas songs. I love themmmm. Especially the Kurt and Blaine duet! <3 

I haven't started making presents for my friends. I'm totally behind schedule. I feel so bad!
Oh well. I'll try to get some work done tomorrow.

I've got a cat complex. Haven't you noticed?

Happy Thursday! ~

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