Thursday, December 23, 2010

I feel so bad!

I've missed WPS and frankly i'm behind 5 photo posts. (I mean.. Not that anyone reads my blog? But HEY I GOT MY FIRST COMMENT THE OTHER DAY SO I GUESS SOMEBODY DOES!!) And my friends are having a lot of trouble opening up my blog since the photos are too big. I'll try to find a way around that... Its been a busy week and I'll just leave you with a countdown since its the 24th already. so.... lets make this one epic!


Yes my friends, One day till Christmas. And hey, look at that! I'm still not ready. Sigh. Oh well. 

Since its a special occasion, my readers deserve better than a cat. Here's my boy Chico for your viewing pleasure:

I repeat, VIEWING PLEASURE. Cannot have him. He's mine k.? :)
Happy Friday!~

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