Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pancake Heads

Lois and I met up with the wonderful Ina & Elle at Atc for the 2nd time! *Happy Dance* And kawinkadinkaly, Jenny was there and I got to meet her for the first time! Lois has been telling me how nice she is and how she makes people feel like they've been friends forever, and Ohhh she's super nice and I love how she includes everyone in the conversation. She's even better than what Lois explained! Soo nice to meet her :)



We sat at BK for like 4 hours I think? I got Bored and doodled. Lois really likes to sit down and just do nothing :|

When Elle & Ina arrived, we talked for a bit, and then we met Jenny. After a bit of talking, Jenny had to leave and we decided to walk around and decide what to do before dinner! Oh and I met Luis too~ (Jenny's brother)

We were supposed to go lazer tagging but ended up standing in the middle of nowhere thinking of what to do. Haha. 
(don't mind the messy editing, I kinda like it.)

After thinking about it, we decided to just eat at... Yup. You guessed it: Pancake House for dinner! We're such rebels.

Ina with her Bacon Waffle! 

Elle ordered the pretty Peach Waffle :>

I ordered chicken cause I was hungry :|

The rest of the night we talked about doughnuts and bacon. True story.

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