Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I wanna go out.

So my Dad had a racing thing near Moa, and we asked if we could go to Moa whilst he does his racing thing and he said yes. We first ate at Pancake House (Again.) And guess who we saw?...

A P'SHONE LOOK A LIKE DUDE MAN WHO ATE ALONE. We talked about him the whole time he was there and kept figuring out why he was eating alone. It was weird. And we talked with a british accent the whole day. Fun Fun Fun.

DETOUR PHOTO: You guys probably haven't met Chico. He's the latest addition to our family, but since I'm a huge lazy ass, I haven't posted a welcome post for him. I know, I suck. Well anyway. Everyone meet Chico! (and its so hard to take a photo of him by the way.)

Lois wearin my fav shirt.

I tried to do Lois' editing style. Yeah, no, not working.

Yeah no, still not working.

*discovers a new style.* 
Well hey now.

We ordered French Toast and a Waffle.

Don't try this it sucks so bad.


What else is there to do in Moa but to walk? So we did. Finally, Lois decided to do one of her favourite things: Sit down. She ordered this Doughnut from Starbucks so we could sit there. Lol

She bought this tiger Baseball shirt from Greater Good, which is this super cool store that collaborates with Pinoy artists to make shirt designs that made to make people aware, and 10 percent of the cash gets donated to (depending on the shirt design) a foundation. For example, 10% of what Lois paid for the shirt is going to a foundation dedicated to save tigers. Aint that the coolest thing ever? And even if they don't donate to a foundation, I'd totally buy a shirt from them. The best part is they have reasonable prices!

After resting a bit at starbucks, we went home and just aimlessly walked around my village. 

Le Fun.

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