Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zach's Birthday

It was my brother Zach's birthday and he wanted to have a Lazer Tag Party. So we did. He invited his friends and they even had these masks and what not with them. They really took it seriously. After Lazer Tagging, we ate at Shakey's for some pizza, pasta, and chicken. Yum-o.


Zach's Friends

Moi. My hair's supposed to be red.

Bought a Milkshake from Dairy Queen

My name is now "SIT". K.

After lunch, I bought 2 cupcakes from Marta's (Expensive ha.) for research.

I bought one with Marshmallow Frosting, and one with Butter Cream frosting.

They were ok. I like their cakes. The Icing was a bit grainy though.

I have a teenage brother now. *sigh*

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