Monday, August 29, 2011

Chico! \:D/

This is a Chico appreciation post so ima just spam you guys with Chico photos! <3

He's gotten so big in the passed few months <3 (lol I was getting my dose of korean dramas that day.)

Chico being cute >.<

When we got him, he had a tiny scratch on his eye. It got infected and got really really bad. I was devastated. I really don't like it when my dogs are sick. But, we had him checked out, and the vet said that if we gave enough time to nurture and care for his eye, we'd probably bring it back to its original healthy state. Worst case scenario is that we'd have to take his whole eye out. *yiykes* So I really took charge and took care of his eye. I had to drop some special liquid into his eye every hour, for 2 weeks. No sleep for me! It got better, but he probably can't see with his right eye anymore. I'm just happy he's healthy now.

Another special thing about Chico is that he is the first of his kind here in the Philippines. You see, he is a special kind of Yorkshire Terrier, he is a Yorkshire Terrier Biewer. (its german so you pronounce it as "Beaver") A special breed of Yorkshires that grows White hair along with his black and tan. Ain't that cool?

Oh! I got my hair coloured!!

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