Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July Six Tuesday

I'm sorry, I totally skipped this cause I was following my photo folders and their dates, then I remembered that I named this folder differently. So... Well Anyway! It was my Mate's birthday and we threw him a little surprise party that he instructed us to do. I set up a little remote controlled photobooth for us to fool around in. We had some of ate Jonna's OSM spaghetti and lots more. It was a brilliant night.

I'm only posting the photobooth photos sine i'm too lazy to post the actual party photos. Haha :P Sorry.

Moi, Gracie, Ate Ethel, Ate Eden!

Ate Ethel, Birthday Boy, & Ate Eden

Jamie, Ren, Birthday Boy, & Gracie

Birthday boy with Tres Marias. (A.K.A. Ate Ethel, Ate Eden, & Ate Jonna :>)

Zach, Mate, Jo

Lol we all had fun with the photobooth. Some more than the others.

Ren should be a male model. Js.


Ate Carol with Simon

Cha, Jo, Simon, Zach, Ate Carol, Pao, Nad


Cha, Moi, Jo

CUUUTEST siblings ever. 

Pao 'n Zach

Joromel and Simon

Aww :>

Double Korean. 1, 2, 3... SPRATLYYSSSSSS!!


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