Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Almost Not Sleepover

(stole from Clara's Blog Lol)

My father allowed me to a sleepover all the way in San Juan. ( I KNOW RIGHT??) Its such an answered prayer since the girls (Clara, Emman, Clarissa, Lois, & Iya) called me on the phone, put me on speakerphone, and right then & there, they all prayed so that I would be allowed to go to this sleepover. It was so sweet! (Ugh I love these girls so much.) But later to find out that we might have no ride at all. We slightly, almost gave up and watched X-Men at Starmall.  Later on, (thank God) Lois & Lisa's Mum called Tito Roy, and he said he might be able to pick us up later that night. AND SO THE ALMOST NOT SLEEPOVER BEGAN..

Check out Clara & Lois' Blog posts about this night, and the next morning! (Clara has more photos of the night before. And explained what we did at night-midnight-early morning.)

I'm so glad this sleepover pulled through since it was Lisa's last night in Manila and this would totally be the delectable Cherry on Top of her makeshift banana split trip of Manila.

First of all, Clara's Lolo's house was just so pretty and modern and white!!! And full of books. Definitely must not forget the books. But I think the bathroom was a little too modern for me. The bathroom in the bedroom has CLEAR glass panels (no they were not frosted) for walls. We had to close the (UNLOCKABLE cuz we didn't know how) bedroom door to grasp any kind of privacy that we can claim. Other than that, the place was MINT.

I GOT TO MEET IYA FOR THE FIRST TIME. (skype meeting does not fully count) She's so fun to be with!!! I'm so glad I met her. Not to mention our Dads have known each other since forever and its so weird that we don't. Huh.

Goin out in our Jammies for breakfast at Pancake House! 
Me rockin the Miley Cyrus look. Hah.

The only decent group photo we could muster up so early in the morning.

Hello sweet, sweet coffee. ♥

Golden Brown Waffle! ☀

Clara's Salad. ☀

Cinnamon Raisin Toast~ ☀

My Chocolate Marble Waffle ☀

Iya's first time to plank! ✓

Lol someone's still sleepy.

Rockin our staches. Oh. Yeah.

I am not usually hyper in the morning.

After fixing up a bit, we went to Greenhills and walked around. After going shopping for a bit, we finally hit Subway so that Lisa could eat before she left. :(

Check out the cutie at the counter. Lol

Lois with Clara's new baby! 

I love this shot of Emman. 

Clarissa had to go in a few! :( NIIIEEWWW

Ohh Emman u so cute! :">

After a massive amount of hugs and group hugs, Clarissa left. (HUHUHUHU) Emman treated us to some awesome yogurt to sweeten our sour goodbyes. Oh wait...

Shopping and just basically hanging out with my Chicas was such an amazing treat since I don't get to do this often! I was just so happy and thrilled to be able to do this. We were supposed to go Lazer tagging after, but my Dad picked us up early! :'( Oh well, we really had fun though!!

We went to Moa after picking up our stuff from Clara's house, and I went straight to Muscle Beach for Lois to try the best Freshly squeezed Lemonade in town. Well, for me it is. Haha.

There is something so beautiful about croissants. (Not being hipster, I really mean it.)

Sorry for the crazy amount of photos. You know me, I love a good photo spam. I'd just really like to thank God that I'm friends with such a lovely group of girls. P.S. I MISS JODI!!!!

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