Monday, August 29, 2011


Its so very fun to visit my grandparents once in a while. You get to spend quality time and might even go home with a few treasures. I did!

My grandmum showed off her ultra vintage typewriter that she still uses. :))

My Grandfather gave me this beautiful camera, and two others. They are all a little beat up by the flood, but i'm gonna try and nurture it back to health!

My cousin Jeshua when we were about to leave. He didn't want to get out of our car so his mum had to take him out. Haha. So cute. He even grabbed the car as they walked away!

We went to Megamall right after. We were supposed to eat at Tong Yang, but the place was full. So we ate at the Italian restaurant right next to it. 

(taking a picture of my split ends and they posed right behind it :| )

Tomato soup!

Very bland Bruschetta. I MISS CLARA'S!! :(

This was good.

This wasn't.

Played around with food because i've been watching too much Hell's Kitchen.

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