Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Cheers

^That was taken Saturday afternoon. It was a slow day, so I decided to just read with Clammy. Clammy is a very good reading companion. She just lies there quietly and listens to me book rant!

We had a youth service this Sunday! It was super fun~

Try running in those!

After the game and a short message,we all sorted out into groups.

 Someone's very interested in what Simon's saying.

Haha! I couldn't resist! Gracie looks like she's really sleepy!


Plans for future youth services.

Simon eating my ugly, but edible cookies. They turned out weird by the way.

 "Sad Nachos"

 At Sweet Solutions Cafe. Gracie, Moi, & Cuz!

I'm reading Me and Mr. Darcy. I haven't gotten to the really good parts yet but I fell in love when she said she'll be going on a trip to Europe. That won me over. And of course, the title! I love Mr. Darcy. This book was borrowed from Chrissy (THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOUU~) Anyway, I've started making bookmarks for each book I've been reading. This one design is a toughie. I'm not done with it yet, but I'm almost done. 

My photos have lately been getting a lot of attention on flickr. *happy dance* 
People are really into the film lookin ones.

 I've not much to say. Oh hey wow, here's another kitty.

Happy Monday!~ 

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