Saturday, November 27, 2010

Serious Photo Spam

Its been an eventful week. A church event practice, getting a new puppy, and the event itself, PLUS a sleepover! Serious fun, comes with serious photo spams.

Mmm champorado~


 O yes, I certainly do the duckface.

Simon and Gracie's festive footwear.

Hooman Drawing~

Gracie wanted a t-shirt design with the Infinite symbol and the word "Learning" incorporated into the symbol. She basically designed everything. I just did the inking! (Oh wow that would sound really cool if I really did tattoo it on her.) It turned out really nice! <3

Ahh!! Christmas Christmas Timee is heereee!!~  The Christmas tree at our house is up and all the decorations are everywhere. I'm soo excited!

I sent a package to my dear friends Lois and Trish containing these:


His brothers:

Isn't he just a doll? He's a 3 month old Golden Retriever. We got him just yesterday and I'm superbly happy and superbly terrified because I've no idea how to train the little thing. But so far, he had one little accident. I guess that's a good sign! 

Gracie, Simon and Crisses slept over. Or.. A better term is "stayed" over after the Church event AKA convergence. 

I drew stuff on their arms/hands

he loved that lazy boy.

Oh that's so hipster. Hold on, lemme make it more hipster *does triangle with hands* D:

OK HOLD IT!!!!!!!!!!!! cutting the photospam just right now because I just found out that the photos I sent out to Cook magazine for their December issue is going to be the COVER!!!!!THANK YOU LORD!! YES!!!!

Ok back to photo spam! :D

They arrived at 12midnight and left at 6am. We did not sleep. We talked. It was brilliant fun.


"I was hiding under your bed because I love you."

I'm having a little trouble trying to make the other dogs love him. Chowder completely ignores the poor thing and does NOT want to share his favourite turtle stuffed toy. I really hope they'd start playing with each other in a short time! 

Check this kitty out, he's so fly. (get it?)

Happy Saturday!

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