Monday, November 15, 2010

Japanese Food and first blog post!

Well hey! Japanese food is just a-mazing. That's why I was soo happy when my Dad took us out to eat dinner at Omakase.

Its in a darling little nook beside Alabang Town Center. And they have by far, the best sushi that I have ever tried. I seldom eat sushi because I'm very particular about the taste. And their Jurassic Maki was amazingly good, and checked in to a very special place in my heart.

Jurassic Maki

Adorable Doll Silhouette

Sashimi! It was soo good!

Spider Maki

Green Tea Ice Cream

Tempura Ice Cream


I've been thinking of what I should get people for Christmas. After countless attempts of trying to save up for Christmas shopping, I gave up and thought that I should just make stuff for my dear friends! I saw these little bundles of cuteness on tumblr the other day and I just thought that these would be the perfect mini gifts.

(via  Pepika)

They're adorable and easy to make. That's not even the best part:

(via Pepika

The head pops off and the body is a hollow container for anything you want! Too cute! You can put rings, coins and, like in the photo, Candy into them. I'm making smaller versions of these to save yarn, but big enough to put stuff in.

Cook magazine's November issue is out and my article is quite special this month because my friend Lois took the photos. I took a quicky shot of her name in the magazine: 

Lois was so excited about this so I bought an extra copy for her! I'll scan the full two pages tomorrow and post them here.

I've been leaving paper cranes in random places. Paper cranes are elegant, and beautiful. And I absolutely love making them. I think a little paper crane would spike up an interest in people especially when its in an odd place. I left a paper crane in a freezer once, (yes a freezer.) and I realized no one would know about it except for the person who found it. Soooo I've started taking photos of places I've left them in. Here you can see I left them in the belt of this air filled Santa Clause that moves.

I wonder how long it took for the sales people to notice it? Ha! Oh the possibilities.

Happy weekday! :D

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