Monday, November 29, 2010


Last Sunday was a blast and a perfect example as to why i'm overweight. LOL. For lunch Dannah and I ate at yellow cab.

We had a lot of potato wedges since she ordered the wrong kind so we had to order the one I wanted again! -__-'  I was so full after we ate. She had to go to school after lunch so her cousin and I went back to church while she went to school.

Back at church... My dad told us we couldn't chill at the office anymore since they were going to have a meeting, my sister and Robert (whom I also taught photoshop that same day and is now obsessed with it. ha!)
wanted to go to Sweet Solutions. Only to find out that Simon was at McD's. So we called him up and said we'd be on our way. Too bad we ordered already. FLOATS ARE MUCH CHEAPER THAN CARAMEL FRAPS. *sulks*

Simon's Tee-Shirt design for his group. I get a free one for photoshooting them!

 There was a party and the mascots were out. They wanted a photo with him!

I really like t his photo. He should keep the scruff. No?

 Simon and his F12. (Faith 12)

Ruuubert and my Sister

 The next day, my Mum, Dad, and I went out to take a look at the St. James Bazaar. But when we got there, there were sooo many people and sooo many cars that we just skipped it and went to SM! We ate at Pizza Hut and I had a Candy Crush Blizzard after. *shakes with gleee*

I wanted Bolognese with Meatballs but they didn't have it! :( So I ordered Chicken Penne Pesto. (Which was really good I might add.)

Doggie Update!

We've decided to change Sam's name to Cole, simply because its hotter. And Sam's too common ya know? Clammy's starting to warm up to him but Chowder is still as much as possible keeping a distance. I'm really sad about that. I really want them to get along!


Happy Tuesday! 

P.S. Some photos were not taken by me. 

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