Friday, November 19, 2010

Day out!

Ready yourselves for a brilliant photo spam of today!

We went to The Mall of Asia today. I did some serious PaperCrane questing which you'll see at the end of the post.

White hat! mmm

 I smell irony.


The Peppermint Candy Blizzard is back on the menu! I am sooo happy!!! 

Bought these two beauts.

It was a tiring yet fulfilling day. I bought a really nice floral print blouse, and some yarn for making them Christmas presents too! 

At El Pollo Loco

White Hat

 PowerBooks (it was a very dark photo. Click on this photo to see larger. The paper crane is above the 3rd book of shiver. As you may all know, it is not allowed to take photos in Powerbooks. -such a rebel lol- anyway this was the only shot I got!)


 Above the Airconditioner at Delifrance

 On an ACE hardware advertisement stand.

There were a lot more but I didn't always have the time to take photos of them. 

I depart from you again with another dancing kitty.

Happy Friday!

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