Saturday, December 31, 2011


My classmates and I have been picked at random to join our prof behind the scenes for Yahoo's first ever Y!Rocks concert. I was so excited because the concert was going to be held at the Mall of Asia, so I COULD GO!! woohoo!!

We were literally inside of the tent where the bands hang out and chill before they go on. It was so amazing!!

Look familiar?




Somedaydram again! :)

See? Literally, inside the tent.

White Sunday

Techy Romantics

I reallly like her docs!

Stories of Now

Not So Fast

His guitar is just adorbs!!!

I got so kilig when he came super near me. Lol 

We had all access passes. So you know the VIP section? Yeah, they were behind us. Hah!



A little background of Y!Rocks: Yahoo Philippines support our OPM music so they decided to show their love by holding a concert made out of OPM rock artists. And it's their first time this 2011. Its pretty darn cool.

White Sunday (Performance)

Ms. Edzelle (our prof) taking videos.



He's such a performer. Hah.


Tanya Markova

This dude was wearing a dress. Right on.


Gabby. heee


Parokya ni Edgar

The night was such a blur but it was full of photos and fun! More bands were there but I had to leave early. But all I can say is that the highlight of the night is this picture:

Yep. Excuse my appearance. I was practically showered by the rain the whole night and I ended up looking like this for a photo with Gabby. Oh well. I'm still happy!!

I learned a lot, but most of the experiences aren't alien to me since our church produces at least half the scale (or more) type of productions such as these. So when they told me to do stuff, it came naturally to me. All in all it was super cool to have been there and to experience a lot of stuff first hand. It was really exiting to be that close and near to the actual bands!!

It was raining the whole night but that didn't stop us from having fun! Hopefully I can get another On-Set production thing just like this next term. 


P.S. my dad bought me new Doc Martens!

But I will always love my #FirstAndForever Doc Martens :)

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