Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My school requires our ID's to be creative shots of ourselves. I had a certain idea in mind, sort of like my old picture of me holding an iPhone in an iPad i'm holding.... Well, here:

Anyway, I showed the photographer this shot for reference. She said that she liked it and that I should just make that exact photo my ID. I was so happy!! I'm the first ever student that took her own ID photo. But then I figured my face isn't really seen in that shot. I mean, its supposed to be an ID after all. So I decided to take another clearer shot with the same concept minus the iPhone photo. And I came up with the picture above. Pretty nice if I do say so myself. Everyone liked it as well so I'm really happy about the result!!

Here's the final ID:

Yes, it really does look like that.

In other news: I got a new iPhone case!!!
I've been wanting it since I saw it!!! <3 (As you can see i'm really into that whole phone-ception thing.)

Also, my friend Jodi got me these really pretty specs and I had them graded! I feel so naked when I don't wear them now...

I also got my iPad from school!! *Happy dance*

And this is me being happy about it.

I have completely adjusted to the sleep-early-wake-up-early thing that I must do for school. To the point where I wake up at 5am everyday even on days without school. It sucks. But alas, it's better than being late.

School hasn't been treating me bad, I mean I got a freaking iPad. Hello.


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