Wednesday, December 21, 2011

School 101

The first few days of school was as awkward as any other first days of school. But since my school was super chill, it occurred to me that this shall be a blast. And I met a few good friends along the way. That BYUTIPUL PEYS up there is my amazeballs friend Lean. He's from Hong Kong!! (my 2nd country.) I met him on the 3rd day of school I think... And we've been inseparable since. I LOVE HIM TO MY BONES.

Here are a few shots of new friends and random stuff :>

Nick & Gino

Lean trying to figure out a steel puzzle.

Perks of my school: PANCAKE HOUSE IS JUST WALKING DISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kia & Lean. They've been friends for 3 years. Kia introduced me to Lean. :D I LOVE HUR <3

Adam, J-Rod & Steve


Aint she pretty? :) She's from the south too like me. Hoho


Lea (MY BABYBOO <3) & Steve

My life has lately been composed of papers and homework and the sort. Its actually fun to have something to do for a change. So yeah... I just hate that I haven't been blogging a lot!!! Cuz tons of things have been happening. 

I will spend the rest of my christmas break blogging. Promise.


Random iPhone Photos

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