Sunday, January 1, 2012


We visited the opening of Dr. Martens at the fort Strip after class and I was slightly disappointed yet I was sort of expecting it too.  

Random pic of my friend Ans' hair and someone's gameboy during class.  Heh

After class my friend Kia and I headed to Serendra. Only to walk around and find out that we were not in the right place. Heh. oops. Then I called Lois to text me the deets cause I sort of forgot. Lol.

Anywhoo!! When we got our facts straight, we skipped off to the Fort Strip and was surprised to find this:

Surprised it was so small, and amazed at how cool the place is. The actual store is in a metal container. We assume they're only testing out the waters at first and maybe expand in the coming months.

I love the fake brick wall.

Unfortunately all of their designs are the basic Maroon, Black, Brown, and White. The craziest color there  was their violet suede collection. 

The woman in the store said they're expecting shipment almost every two weeks for new designs. Hopefully the floral ones!! I'm definitely coming back to check out the new designs.

Later that night...

We were supposed to go to my Uncle's for dinner but the traffic at Edsa was INSANE!! I'm not even kidding. We were in a jam for 2 hours. So we decided to just eat at Omakase for dinner! YAY SUSHI!

Their sushi is sublime. There are only two places where I eat sushi, and its at Omakase and Red kimono. Not being picky, but really, look at this beaut:

I almost always never like sushi from any other place.

Fun day.


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