Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I regret nothing

As you may have read in the previous blog post, my gorgeous friends from Bacolod came to visit! Actually, they came from Singapore (their first trip alone.) and tarried in Manila for a few days. 

Before they slept over, they met up with Emman and the Lamars to do a video shoot!! Here's the video!!::

Hihi I got so kilig with it. :P

Anyway! They stayed with me for 3 nights and 4 days. ALL TOO SHORT :( But we had fun nonetheless.

Saturday, we went to ATC to meet up with Elle, Ina, and Nina! But before that, we watched Breaking dawn. hehe.

Eunice and I making funny faces cause we're the type of girls who make funny faces, not the girls who try to relentlessly make the duck face. 

Uuuuy pacute sa 2nd photo. Haha! No :|

With Lois' new Camera! (Lumix GF2)

Okay enough of that. :|

Lisa and I :D (I do not know when this was taken :|)

Lisa treated us to the movie and some snacks. We thought large was "filipino" large. I see they mean "GINORMOUS" when they say Large. :| 

We then met up with Ina and Elle. Coincidentally saw Joe's mom. She says that Joe is in Mary Grace (this really cozy cafe in ATC) and so we hop scotched and skipped to Mary Grace. (not really)

Joe had to study for a bit but he later joined us to chat.

This cake is nommy.

Well, another coincidence: Matteo Guidicelli and Sam Conception was doing this mall show with some wicked dancers.......... Not really a coincidence but just go with it.

The tickets were free.

I mean.... Sayang naman diba? (me tweeting Nina and Lois)

We got third row seats cause all the back ones were full. :|

Really, it was full.

I really like this photo of Clarissa! :D

We're not ultra fans...

But we still enjoyed ourselves!

Especially Nina! :))))))

My head. And Eunice's half screaming face.

See, enjoying.


There were fireworks and Balloons. And we started writing on the balloons with a convenient sharpie pen.

See, Sam's like "diz guy?" and in the next photo. "Lois."
Makes all the sense in the world.

I regret nothing.

Elle and Ina had to leave after the show. Nina stayed with us for dinner at Pancake House (duh)

This was basically our "going out" day for the whole weekend. We had so much fun!  I miss them already :( huhu

(most photos grabbed from my friends)

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