Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mission: Super Secret Surprise Sleepover Part 1

About a month ago my friend Emman's Mum contacted us to surprise her daughter for her almost birthday! Lois and Clarissa flew in just for the surprise, and you'll see in the video how amazing Emman's shocked expression was.

Clara, Lois, Lisa and I met up for lunch to plan our mission of surprising Emman. And guess where we ate?

BON CHON!!!!! hohohohohoohohohoho. ILU BONCHON.

After lunch we chilled at the hotel and acted out what we were going to do to Emman. (don't mind the gun. :D)

Huuuge picture gap (video coming soon): basically, Clara and I went to Starbucks to meet up with Emman, and supposedly, we were to reel her in and take her to the hotel somehow. But her Mum showed up and helped us out with that part. She gave Emman the key card and gave her the great news. Except for the Lois and Clarissa part.

In a nutshell, we met up with Iya, walked to the hotel, opened the door, discretely knocked on the bathroom door, and pop goes Lois and Clarissa, Emman on the floor screaming. And Baym. Mission complete.

Emman's mum dropped off some healthy snacks for us. Haha! :))


Watching the videos. We took a video of the whole thing in 3 angles. Hahahahahahaha.

After talking for a bit and gift opening, we went out to go lazer tagging! 

It would have been totally awesome.... If we weren't the only people in there :|

I remember screaming "THIS IS SO BORING" while running to my lazer doom. My gun was broken so I got the lowest score. I'm JAKIRO!..... SRSLY. IT WAS BROKEN OK.

We ate at Banana Leaf after.

Then, after eating we decided to buy Un-healthy chips for the night, (cuz her mum brought us Baked Chips, Oranges, water, and Orange juice. IT WAS SO CUTE. haha.)  we walked to the grocery store but they were already closed and we didn't like the stuff from mercury drug... So we just decided to buy a box of Cinnabon, and we got a free box of chocolate Cinnabons for no apparent reason! YAY.

We chilled in Starbucks for a bit.

They gave our group free samples. heee.

Jodi couldn't fly over, so she sent Emman this cake. She told us to treat the cake as if it were Jodi. So we did. Jodi, you were delicious.

Later in the night: Intense few games of text twist.

You can see Clara's post about this day here.

continue reading for more photos~ :)

And that concludes part one! :D


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